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Man stabbed, child terrorized during road rage incident


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Man stabbed, child terrorized during road rage incident

By Stacey Gualandi. CREATED Oct 28, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Two wrongs didn't make a right for two Sunday drivers.  The police say the suspect was on his way to work and got in a crash.

The suspect's sister said her brother was furious when a driver rear-ended his car near an In And Out Burger on Nellis.  Police say it was a hit-and-run that quickly turned into a case of road rage.   

According to police, the 60 year old man chased the other male driver and a 6 year old passenger several blocks into this neighborhood on Stillwater Bridge and Navajo Gorge. 

Police say that's where the chase came to an end.  Both drivers got out of their cars, got in an argument and that's when police say the 60 year old suspect stabbed the driver of the other car.  

According to the police, the victim was stabbed in the arm and neck, and then took off on foot, hopping walls and leaving a trail of blood.  An eyewitness says the 6 year old ran down the street hysterically yelling "he's going to kill me," while the older man held a bloody towel and blamed the other driver.  Police caught up with the victim hiding behind a house three blocks away.

Neighbors were stunned.  "It's scary knowing I have kids in my backyard and people running through my backyard.  How do i know they're not going to hurt my kids," Anthony Byers said. 

Police arrested the 60 year old suspect at the scene.  His sister left in tears after she learned he'd be facing an attempted murder charge.   She said her brother carries a pocketknife but he's a nice guy who is overprotective of her.  The victim had non-life threatening injuries and was taken to Sunrise hospital.