Study divides America into three distinct personality regions

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Study divides America into three distinct personality regions

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Oct 23, 2013

(KTNV) -- The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has published a new study about national personality traits.

The study found that people with similar personalities tend to cluster and live in the same parts of the country.

For more than 13 years, researchers analyzed the personality traits of more than 1.6 million Americans.

The information gathered showed that you can neatly divide the nation into three distinct personality regions.

People who live in the New England and Mid-Atlantic states were determined to be "temperamental and uninhibited."

Residents of the South and Midwest were labeled as "friendly and conventional" by the researchers.

Those living on the West Coast and in the Rocky Mountains and Sun Belt were described as "relaxed and creative."

The researchers say that these clusters of personality also define much more in a person's life than just their temperament.

Wisconsin scored the highest for extroversion and the lowest score in that category went to the residents of Vermont.

Utah was determined to be the most agreeable place in the country but not the residents of Washington, D.C.

West Virginia is the country's most neurotic state and the residents of North Dakota prefer things that are predictable and familiar.

As for Nevada, our residents scored 61.3 (#5) for openness; 55.8 (#14) for conscientiousness; 46.4 (#33) for extroversion; 31.8 (#47) for agreeableness; and 44 (#36) for neuroticism.

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