Las Vegas police moving forward with cameras on uniforms


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Las Vegas police moving forward with cameras on uniforms

By Stacey Gualandi. CREATED Oct 14, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Starting next year, police and residents will need to be on their best behavior. Some Las Vegas cops with cameras will be able to capture all interactions.

After well over a year of testing, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is officially pulling the trigger on body cameras for officers.

Metro said not only is it the wave of the future, it also promotes better relations with the public.

The plan is for up to 400 officers to start wearing these devices in early 2014.

The new program will launch in just two areas initially, the northeast and Bolden, with plans to expand at a later time.

Metro said studies show that when video is used, 93-percent of citizen complaints go away.

The Police Protective Association said this can't be mandated, so this new policy is contingent on a volunteer basis. But officers hired after July of this year will be required to wear a body camera.

Civil rights groups said they aren't pleased with the plan that it's volunteer only, but they said it will force the police department to be more of an open book.

"If there is misbehavior, or questions about what happened, that adds to credibility or transparency that we think is needed," said Allen Lichtenstein, General Counsel, ACLA.

Action News reached out to the police union. They said it would have been wrong to have required cameras for the officers, but they think they will rapidly see every officer wanting to wear one.

NOTE: The video of the body equipment was provided by Reveal Media and Taser.