Prostitute accused of killing pimp boyfriend during confrontation

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Prostitute accused of killing pimp boyfriend during confrontation

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Oct 14, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- 42-year-old Lisa Davis of Las Vegas has been arrested for allegedly stabbing and killing her boyfriend Sheldon "Sloan" Wesley.

Las Vegas police received a phone call from Thomas Loerzel shortly before 7 a.m. Oct. 12. He told them that Wesley had been stabbed by his girlfriend.

Police officers found Wesley with two stab wounds to his chest at a residence on Allure Drive, near Durango and Vegas Drives.

While police were on the scene, Davis contacted another person at the Allure Drive residence. She was persuaded to reveal her location.

Police were able to arrest Davis without incident at a nearby residence on Delightful Avenue.

During an interview with police, Davis told police that Wesley was her boyfriend and also her pimp and that she killed him in self-defense.

Davis told police she had been a prostitute since 1996 and had been addicted to crack cocaine for most of the time since then.

She and Wesley met about six years ago. She claimed that he was selling cocaine on Fremont Street at the time.

According to the police report, Davis claimed Wesley began abusing her about 4 years ago and would often beat and/or rape her.

Prior to the incident, Davis had been hiding from Wesley but went with him to retrieve her belongings after he located her on Boulder Highway on Oct. 12.

Once at the house on Allure Drive, Wesley allegedly told Davis that she could not leave and threatened to beat her so badly that her parents would not recognize her.

Davis told police that she believed him because he had beaten her so often before.

After arming herself with a knife from the kitchen, Davis told Wesley again that she was leaving. It was at that point that the fight became physical and Davis allegedly stabbed Wesley.

Davis then ran from the house.

The woman became distraught after police told her that Wesley was dead and told police that she still loved him.

Davis was treated for a wound to her hand after her arrest.

Davis has been booked into the Clark County Detention Center on one count of murder with a deadly weapon.

She was also booked on an outstanding prostitution-related warrant.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call homicide investigators at (702) 385-5555.

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