Henderson woman asking for help after poodle mauled to death

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Henderson woman asking for help after poodle mauled to death

By Jennifer Kastner. CREATED Oct 7, 2013

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- A Henderson woman said her poodle, Penelope, was mauled to death by two vicious dogs who weren't on leashes.

Penelope's owner, Mari Mildren, said the attack happened about two weeks ago on a Sunday morning while they were walking along the sidewalk near Old Vegas Trail and Wagon Wheel.
"One [dog] grabbed one side of her and the other [dog] grabbed the other side and they just ripped her to pieces," said Mildren.
Mildren told Action News that several drivers pulled over to help break up the attack but it was too late for Penelope.
Meanwhile, she said a woman yelled at the attacking dogs to get back over a wall into a gated community that runs along that sidewalk.
Mildren and her husband rushed Penelope to the animal hospital, but all attempts to revive her failed.
After Penelope died, Mildren began hunting for answers, postings fliers around the neighborhood with a description of the woman who Mildren believes is responsible for the attacking dogs.
Henderson Police said its Animal Control workers have chased several leads and visited at least nine residences, but still haven't found the dogs that allegedly attacked Penelope. Currently, there is still an open investigation into the situation.
Neighbors with pets and kids told Action News they're now on high alert.

"I have four children so [it is] scary," said neighbor Susan Kitchen. Neighbor Darlene McLaughlin added, "What I'm hoping is that the [attacking dogs' owner] sees this on the news and does the right thing and turn [him or herself] in."
Mildren is still reeling in the loss. She's struggling to move on, "It's traumatizing. It's terrible."
Henderson's Animal Control unit can be reached at (702) 267-4970.