Surveillance video captures home burglary in progress

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Surveillance video captures home burglary in progress

By Stacey Gualandi. CREATED Oct 3, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Julie Torosian tried to hold back tears as she spoke about the theft of her recently deceased mother's jewelry.

"I want my mom's stuff back. It makes me so mad that they think they can get away with it and come in someone's home and violate them."

Photos show the path of destruction. Thieves took thousands of dollars of property and a family's sense of security.

Their 11-year-old daughter Faith said she is now scared to walk upstairs by herself unless her parents are with her. But what the suspected burglars didn't know is that the Torosians installed a surveillance system a year ago. Multiple cameras captured their every move.

On Sept. 24, video shows a car, possibly a Chevy Impala with only one hubcap, circling inside their gated community near Alexander and Fort Apache.

The family believes they followed a school bus through the gate. Once parked out front, two men come to the front of the house. Minutes later, one of them grabs a shovel in the back yard.

Mark Torosian said, using the shovel, "They tried to break in our sliding glass door. That didn't work so they smashed this window and crawled right in."

About an hour later, their son came home and the thieves took off.

"If he hadn't come home, we would have been wiped out. They had a lot of things packed in duffle bags that they were planning on taking," said Julie.

Police told them fingerprints found in their home might take six months to process.

While the Torosians feel relieved the suspects were caught on camera, they now hope they'll be caught by police.

The family asks if anyone has any information and are willing to come forward to help them, please call police.

They have also posted the video on their Facebook page.

Las Vegas police said crime in that part of the northwest Valley has seen a 4-percent uptick in the past month.