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Clark County releases performance rankings of local schools


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Clark County releases performance rankings of local schools

By Denise Wong. CREATED Sep 16, 2013

Clark County, NV (KTNV) -- The Clark County School District is releasing the annual findings of the Nevada School Performance framework reports.

Some schools have gone down, while others have shown extreme growth. One of those is Saville Middle School.

Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky surprised the staff at Saville on Monday morning with an announcement. He told them the school had improved a great deal over the past two years, going from a three star school to a five star school.

That means the school saw incredible improvement in student scores on the state's assessment tests, in both math and English language arts.

The principal said it's because he has good teachers and because of programs that prepare the kids for AP classes in high school.

The superintendent said he will be looking at what this school did right, because most schools didn't see improvement, "We had 12-percent of our schools go up in ratings, 62-percent that stayed the same and 26-percent that actually declined in ratings. So we are looking at the schools that declined in ratings to see where it was."

He said a lot of those schools that declined, showed growth in the previous year, and it's hard to maintain that growth.

The full rankings came out Monday morning. To take a look at the full list, click here.