Las Vegas homeowner turns to Facebook to find burglar

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Las Vegas homeowner turns to Facebook to find burglar

By Bryan Callahan. CREATED Aug 30, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Police said the burglar was seriously mistaken if he thought he made a clean getaway from a southeast Valley home.

That's because the homeowner shared the surveillance video on Facebook.
Ed Vidal was shocked when he came home Thursday to find his back window and sliding glass door open.
He quickly realized he had been burglarized and turned his attention to the surveillance cameras he installed a year ago.
"Once everything was okay, I just sat down and looked at the surveillance video and seen some random guy climbing through my window,” Vidal said.
The surveillance video clearly shows the burglar looking in the garage without noticing the surveillance camera a few feet away. Vidal believes he made his way around the corner, jumped the fence and went in through a window in the back.
"I think it was either cracked a little bit or the latches weren't on tight because even the cop said he didn't have to force his way through," Vidal said.
Vidal said the crime which was caught on the motion detecting cameras actually took place over an 18 minute period around 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning.
It shows the suspect walking out with a suitcase and backpack that reportedly contained family jewelry as well as a jar holding the family’s Disneyland fund.
"Mainly it is just him coming in raiding the house, taking his time. That's what I don't want to have to see anybody else deal with," Vidal said.
After watching the video, Vidal called Metro officers who were very pleased with the evidence.
"The cop that came over said there is a high probability we will catch this guy and I never say that," Vidal said.
After turning a copy over to police the father of two decided to take matters into his own hands in hopes of gathering a few leads for detectives.
"I've seen other people do it on Facebook and was like alright let's blast this guy out," Vidal said. 
After seeing the response his video, which has been shared more than 26,000 times, Vidal said he is already planning to install more cameras and is recommending them to his family.
Click here to watch the whole thing on Facebook.
Bryan Callahan

Bryan Callahan

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