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Northwest residents still dealing with roads closed by water

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Northwest residents still dealing with roads closed by water

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Aug 27, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The northwest part of the Valley is still trying to clean up after the weekend storms.

The flood waters have taken a toll on local roadways near Grand Teton and Grand Canyon.

The rushing water on the roads isn't necessary deep, but it's moving fast and it's filled with debris. The water is running off the mountain.

Some portions of the road have been washed away.

Crews are working to clean up the debris so vehicles can pass through, but neighbors told Action News they are worried and frustrated.

"I was supposed to go to work but I stayed home because I was very nervous about the water," said Christy Beavers.

Steve Ross with the Las Vegas City Council said Grand Teton is likely the most affected by the flood, especially with mud, rocks and debris flowing through the water.

The city said the systems that are currently in place have done their jobs as expected, but the volume of water was just too much for them to handle.

The water is expected to continue on Grand Teton for another two days and the road will likely stay closed until then.

The neighborhoods are also seeing foam in the area. The Southern Nevada Health District said the foam is connected to the fire retardant used in the recent wildfires in the mountains.

Environmental health manager Dennis Campbell said fertilizer in the retardant is mixing with organic material as it comes down he mountain, and is then irritated by the water flow causing the foam.

The foam is not considered toxic but Campbell said you shouldn't play in it.

Clean up crews are vacuuming up the foam to make sure it doesn't eventually end up in Lake Mead. If too much got into the lake, the mixture could cause an algae bloom.

The City of Las Vegas is estimating that clean up could cost up to half a million dollars.