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Tips for parents after 3 Las Vegas children die while sleeping


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Tips for parents after 3 Las Vegas children die while sleeping

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Aug 22, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- There's a warning for parents from the child care community after Las Vegas police announced three infants died over the past week from sleep-related accidents.

At Sunrise Children's Hospital nurses are always educating new parents about the right way to put a baby to bed.

According the Jeanne Marsala with Safe Kids at the hospital, the number one rule is to make sure your child is sleeping alone in a crib or bassinet.

Police said one of the children who died Saturday was a five-month-old girl who was sleeping with her parent and rolled off the bed and eventually suffocated.

According the the coroner, the two other children that died were both two months old.

"We just want parents and caretakers to know that when putting your child to sleep there are preventative measures to avoid this incident happening to your family," said Larry Hadfield, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson.

Nurses teach parents to follow the A-B-C's when putting a child to bed: make sure you child sleeps alone, on his or her back and inside a crib.

"We don't want babies or infants to be in bed with parents, that's the absolute most unsafe place you could put your infant," Marsala said.

Seventeen children have died in sleep related accidents so far this year, according to police.