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Church group targeted by thieves as they dine in Las Vegas

Church group targeted by thieves as they dine in Las Vegas

By Spencer Lubitz. CREATED Jul 27, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Just hours after arriving in Las Vegas for missionary work, a church group lost all their belongings to thieves.

Their truck and trailer were both filled with thousands of dollars in equipment and tools when they stopped for dinner.

They were parked outside of Chili's at Charleston and Fort Apache on Thursday night, and in a matter of minutes their belongings were gone, leaving the visitors feeling violated.

The group is from Burlington, Kentucky and came out to Las Vegas for missionary work that included a concert and vacation Bible study at their sister church, Summerlin Community Baptist.

"We have a great music group that came with us and we're going to put on a concert with amplifier speakers and sound boards," explained Ken Ford, church leader.

After they had dinner at Chili's, they went out to their vehicle and everything inside was gone.

"You name it and it's gone. We literally have lost thousands and thousands of dollars worth of things," said Ford.

The church has already received donations from other churches in the community, which they are grateful for. But they hope someone who was at Chili's may have information to lead them back to their stuff.

"It would be awesome if somebody knew something and we were able to recover some of it. If not, that's okay too, but you know, we're just hoping that by having the word out, maybe we'll get some back," expressed Ford.

Despite the cold welcome to Las Vegas, Ford managed to maintain his faith and his sense of humor, "I know they're rooting through it right now, but there are probably 10 to 12 Bibles in there, hopefully they're reading one of them and if that's the case, we're okay with it."

The seven people who were riding in the truck also lost all of their personal belongings such as clothes and toothbrushes.

Las Vegas police said they are investigating the crime.