Thieves strip air conditioning units from Boys & Girls Club

Thieves strip air conditioning units from Boys & Girls Club

By Denise Wong. CREATED Jul 16, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It's hard for the staff at one of the Boys & Girls Clubs to keep their cool after thieves take off with their air conditioning.

The crooks stripped down three A/C units at the Robindale Clubhouse when no one was looking.

"I was flat out angry. Angry. My first thought was I wanted to catch them," said Ken Rubeli, Boys & Girls Club CEO.

Staff at the clubhouse first noticed something was wrong last week when the air conditioning didn't seem to be working well. When they called in the repairmen, they discovered three air conditioning units were gutted.

Thieves had taken out the vital components, rendering the units useless. Damage is estimated at $26,000. Rubeli suspects the thieves will try to sell the parts. But he said those crooks didn't just steal from a non-profit organization, they stole from kids.

"This is a kids clubhouse," he said.

The thieves didn't vandalize all the air conditioning units. There are five they did not touch, which are keeping the clubhouse open for now.

The place may be up and running, but the kids can only play in half of the club where the air conditioning reaches. All 150 kids who come in the summer each day have to spend most of their time in the gym. And even in there, they said it's not cool. But at least, it's cool enough.

Boys & Girls Club staff said they're not going to let the crooks get away with this. They're going to put in surveillance cameras so this doesn't happen again.  They are also working on getting the air conditioning units replaced as soon as possible.

Rubeli says he's so angry, he's offering a $1,000 of his own money to anyone who can provide information to police leading to an arrest. He advises anyone who has information to call the Boys and Girls Club at (702) 253-2802.