New Graph Search on Facebook could create privacy concerns

New Graph Search on Facebook could create privacy concerns

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jul 8, 2013

(KTNV) -- Facebook is rolling out a new feature beginning today.

It's called Graph Search. It will allow users to conduct more advanced searches. For example, Facebook users can now ask to see photos of their friends before a specific year or ask what restaurants their friends like.

The new search tool searches for people, photos, places and things that your friends "like."

Because of this expanded search capability, some Facebook users may want to check their privacy settings. This new tool will make it much easier to resurface information that a user previously posted.

According to the Washington Post, photos with a location tag that a user may have only thought would be seen by their friends could now show up in search results of anyone who looks for that location if it is a public photo.

So, complete strangers could now see your photos of your family and etc. simply because the photos were also tagged with the name of your hometown or other location.

However, if the photo was marked only to be seen by a user's friends, they will not show up in a public search.

In addition, a representative from Facebook says that as the new Graph Search rolls out, everyone on Facebook will receive a reminder on their home page about how to control what they share and with whom.


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