Demand puts strain on animal rescue groups

Demand puts strain on animal rescue groups

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Jul 5, 2013

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- High demand is putting the strain on some animal rescue groups across the Valley.

Many dogs and cats who need a loving home end up in animal shelters. But those with problems, even minor medical issues, often end up in the hands of animal rescue groups.

"We provide medical treatment, we provide food, water and care for the dogs until such time that we can find a forever family," said Tammy Willet, president of Vegas Shepherd Rescue.

Willet said her non-profit rescue group has been unable to take in any additional German Shepherds for the past week. With ten dogs in foster care and 14 in kennels, the group has reached its maximum capacity.

"It is so painful to say no to a dog and know that it's a death sentence when we say no, we cannot take that dog," said Willet. "We're their last stop. We're their last hope."

Other dog and cat rescue groups around Las Vegas are also running short on space, Willet said. The economy shares some of the blame, as does timing.

"We have families that are going on vacation, traveling," said Willet. "They realize it costs a lot to board your dog or find care for your dog."

Turns out, the issue is impacting cats as well.

"They can't take care of themselves so I like to be able to be there for them," said Darci Pfeiffer, president of the All Fur Love Animal Society, a non-profit rescue group.

Pfeiffer said her group is caring for more than 100 cats and currently cannot take anymore. She said kitten season is partially to blame, but she also believes the community needs to tackle the valley's animal population.

"The community really needs to work together to be able to spay and neuter their animals," Pfeiffer said.

Both groups home to find permanent homes for the animals.

"These are not damaged goods," said Willet. "They're simply victims of unfortunate circumstances."

The rescue groups said they especially need foster homes to care for the animals during the space crunch. They can also use donations.

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