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President of Egypt removed from office

President of Egypt removed from office

By Megan Telles. CREATED Jul 4, 2013

Egypt (KTNV) -- People in Egypt filled the streets overnight to mark a monumental day. The country's president has been removed from office.

Egypt's military Chief announced Morsi was out and put under house arrest. A judge will now lead the country until new elections are held.

Morsi was in office for only a year. But, his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood had many Egyptians concerned. They say he'd begun grabbing too much power over recent months. 

Weeks of protests all came to a head, yesterday. The then-president faced an ultimatum from the military. 

Morsi stepped down. Now, retaliation is a big concern.

Tamara Wittles, Director, Saban Center for Middle East Policy says, "this coup is opposed violently by some factions, particularly perhaps by the Muslim Brotherhood. And that could lead Egypt down the road of civil violence, which would be terrible."

At the White House, President Obama is closely monitoring the situation. he's not taking any side, like he did when Morsi was elected, last year.


Megan Telles

Megan Telles

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Megan Telles is co-host of Valley View Live! and the Social TV journalist for Action News.