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Fast food meals have more calories than you think

Fast food meals have more calories than you think

CREATED Jun 28, 2013

(KTNV) -- Some eye-opening news for fast food fans in today's health report.

Two thousand calories is the daily recommended calorie intake for most adults in America. But, some of the country's biggest fast food chains are serving close to that amount in just one dish.

Roll through a drive through and the meal you order may have more horsepower than the family's minivan.

According to the website Marketwatch, some of the highest calorie meals in America are on the menus of our favorite fast food restaurants.

And they could easily push you over your recommended daily limit of calories.

One of the dishes named in the report is a 20-count bag of White Castle chicken rings, which is packed with more than 1,700 calories.

When ABC contacted White Castle, they said that the rings are intended to be shared and are not intended to be eaten by just one person.

If you start your day with Burger King's ultimate breakfast platter, you will consume a whopping 1,440 calories.

A lunchtime treat of Wendy's hot and juicy triple patty with cheese contains 1,120 calories.

Even Panera Bread has a steak sandwich with white cheese that contains 980 calories. Panera says that it is worth every calorie and they have other options.

It's not just food either. Some drinks are also loaded with calories. A large frozen mocha coffee from Dunkin Donuts has 730 calories. Dunkin Donuts has also pointed out that they have other options.

Some nutritionists say that people should simply steer clear of high-calorie fast foods.

And if you are thinking that exercise will take care of all those extra calories. Think again.

To burn 1,000 calories, you would need to run about 10 miles.