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Nevadans among most generous tippers, Arkansans stingiest

Nevadans among most generous tippers, Arkansans stingiest

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jun 6, 2013

(KTNV) -- So where do the worst tippers in America live?

It turns out that Arkansas is the stingiest state. The average diner in Arkansas leaves just a 10 percent tip.

The most generous are New Yorkers. They leave just under 24 percent on average.

California, Nevada and Texas are the other three most generous states.

The average tip in the Golden State is 20.4  percent, 20.1 percent in the Silver State, and 19.7 in the Lone Star State.

Almost two-thirds of people surveyed says they feel pressured to leave a tip even if the service is poor.

The survey was conducted by the website CouponCodes4U.


America's Worst Tippers live in Arkansas, Most Generous in New York --

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