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Legal expert weighs-in on O.J. Simpson testimony

Legal expert weighs-in on O.J. Simpson testimony

By Tina Patel. CREATED May 15, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It was something we had never seen before, O.J. Simpson publicly testifying in a criminal case.

Legal expert Al Lasso said it was hard to know what to make of him. "It's hard to have sympathy for O.J. Simpson, but he does seem like a sad character, much heavier, older, grayer."

Simpson is claiming that he didn't get a fair trial in 2008. Based on his testimony and what prosecutors said earlier this week, Lasso says there may be something to his argument.

"It does appear there were some things behind the scenes that the public didn't know about, that could have affected his defense going forward."

There are two issues. The first is whether Yale Galanter should have been his attorney, since he had apparently had knowledge of Simpson's plan to recover his sports memorabilia beforehand. There are also questions as to whether Galanter did his job properly, and let Simpson know about the possibility of taking a plea deal.

"He received 33 years sentence, and the prosecutor was talking about giving 3 years beforehand. There's such a dichotomy in what he was offered and what he got, you have to say to yourself is that something that is not normal in a case."

But whether that something is enough to warrant a new trial is hard to say before Galanter takes the stand. That is expected to happen Friday.