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O.J. Simpson begins bid for new trial in Las Vegas courtroom

O.J. Simpson begins bid for new trial in Las Vegas courtroom

By Molly Waldron. CREATED May 13, 2013

 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- O.J. Simpson appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom on Monday to ask for a new trial on robbery and kidnapping charges that landed him in prison back in 2008.

The 65-year-old former football star is serving a minimum nine year prison term. He claims he had poor legal representation when he was sentenced. 

Simpson was convicted of robbing two sports memorabila stores at gunpoint in 2007. He said he was trying to get back personal items, including photos and footballs. The ordeal was caught on tape and used against him in court. 

O.J. Simpson's current attorneys say those recordings should have never been used in court because they were never authenticated. They brought in someone to testify to that on Monday.

"The tapes could have been modified, they had been sent to TMZ and there's no telling what happened there," said James Barnett, a sports business entrepreneur. "They could have been totally retaped. Anything could have been added." 

Lawyers for Simpson also said he never knew about a plea bargain that could have given him a lesser sentence. Simpson has served four years in prison so far. 

Several family members were in the courtroom in support of O.J.'s plea for a new trial. His daughter, Arnelle Simpson, even testified on his behalf. 

The hearing for a new trial is expected to last all week. 

O.J. Simpson is expected to take the stand on Wednesday. He never once testified during the 2008 case.