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Employee of The Egg & I still recovering as restaurant gets ready to reopen

Employee of The Egg & I still recovering as restaurant gets ready to reopen

By Katie Crowther. CREATED May 5, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The Egg & I restaurant is reopening on Monday -- just a little more than a month after a car came plowing through it during lunchtime and put 10 people in the hospital.

As the driver of that car sits behind bars, those who were hurt are trying to get their lives back together, including an employee of the restaurant whose injuries have kept him from returning to work.   

Jesus Alvarado -- who only speaks Spanish -- has worked as a bus boy at The Egg & I for 12 years.

All Alvarado can remember of the accident is hearing a scream and seeing the car coming towards him at full speed.

Glass shattered on top of him, leaving him with scars all over his body. He also has a broken tooth, and pain on the right side of his body.

Nine other people were injured in the accident. Some were pinned under the car. The restaurant looked like a war zone.

Brandon Wayne, the operations manager of  The Egg & I, has been working to get the inside and outside of the building repaired.

There are now more boulders between the restaurant's patio and the street to serve as a protective barrier.

He looks at Monday's grand reopening of the restaurant as a new beginning and a true community effort.

"The community has really stood behind us," Wayne says. "We are so grateful. We have really come together to overcome this."

The owner of The Egg & I is paying for all of Alvarado's medical bills and is providing a paycheck during his recovery process.

Alvarado does plan to be at the grand opening for a couple hours. His doctors have not told him when he will be able to return to work.