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Community helps family recover after devastating fire

Community helps family recover after devastating fire

By Jen Kastner. CREATED May 1, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A northeast Las Vegas family is trying to move on after a fire reduced its mobile home to rubble on Tuesday morning.

Shelly Avila says her teenage son came to the rescue when the fire erupted inside the home, helping everyone inside get out of the home safely. 

In only seven minutes, the blaze engulfed the entire structure.
Avila still can't shake the thoughts of one of her kids screaming out for help. "I was hearing it last night. I was trying to sleep. I was scared to go to sleep."
She tells Action News she grabbed a hose to try to put the flames out herself but that hose melted before she was even able to use it.
Friend and neighbor Deborah Blanchette says, "They don't have anything. They don't have shoes, clothing [or anything for] hygiene. They have nothing." She's trying to get the family back on its feet by bringing over food and clothing. 
"A lot of times in these mobile home parks people keep to themselves, but not in this park. We're there when somebody needs help," says friend and neighbor Mary Egner.
The community has been pouring out love and support, yet more help is needed. For the time being, the family is able to stay with a neighbor, but with no fire insurance and a modest income, getting another roof overhead could prove to be difficult.
Right now, dealing with the shock is still a large part of the battle. "[The home] looks like [its] been in a war. It looks like a bomb hit it," says Avila.
The family tells us firefighters are still working on determining the cause of the blaze.
A fund has  been set up at Bank of America to help the family. Just ask for the "Avila Fire Relief Fund". The account number is 501015632195.