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Dozens graduate from Clark County Drug Court

Dozens graduate from Clark County Drug Court

By Denise Wong. CREATED May 1, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It was a day worth celebrating for about 60 people in Clark County on Wednesday as they graduated from Drug Court. 

Many of them are former drug addicts who found themselves in trouble with the law. A judge had given them a choice: Complete the yearlong drug court program or go to jail. 

For Steven Shutt, he had a different choice. The former methamphetamine addict was told that he could lose custody of his two-year-old son if he didn't get clean. That was enough to convince him to participate in the program.  
"It's intense," said Shutt. He said the counselors were tough on him, but he needed that. One year after he started the program, he said his life has changed completely. 
Representatives from the National Association of Drug Court Professionals were on hand for the graduation ceremony at the Clark County Commission Chambers.  
Chris Deutsch, a spokesperson for the NADCP, said it's part of the organization's cross-country road trip to highlight drug courts across America. 
According to the NADCP, the first Drug Court was established in Miami in 1998 and there are now 2,700 nationwide.  
In Clark County, the program is offered to non-violent offenders who have to participate in the year-long treatment program and attend all scheduled court appearances.