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Crowd gathers in Las Vegas for gun control rally

Crowd gathers in Las Vegas for gun control rally

By Denise Wong. CREATED Apr 14, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- As lawmakers in Washington prepare to start a debate next week on gun control, people here in Nevada are banding together to try and get their voices heard.

A crowd of activists held a rally on Saturday at Aloha Shores Park, and stood together to fight for expanding background checks. Not just at stores, but at gun shows and online.

Action News also spoke with a gun store owner who said that's not going to bring gun violence down.

Next week, the senate will consider a bipartisan compromise that extends federal background checks to purchases made at gun shows and online.

The crowd on Saturday said the rules we have in place right now just aren't enough.

"It's just too easy to go into a store and buy these things," said Diane Fox.

The owner of the Gun Store on Tropicana said stricter background checks aren't going to bring down gun violence.

"The effect of the background check to stop crime is absolutely zero," said Bob Irwin.

Irwin said the guns used to commit crimes, usually aren't bought legally at stores like his, "The guns that are used by criminals are generally stolen or purchased on the black market. That counts for 90-percent of them."

Still, all the talk about more gun control legislation has led to more people signing up for CCW classes at the store.

Demand has more than doubled since the Newtown, Connecticut shooting. It's also led to more people trying to buy guns with the laws for background checks we currently have in place.

Action News interviewed people taking the CCW class on whether they believe the government should expand background checks, and even they were split on the issue.