Powerball tickets go on sale for first time in California

Powerball tickets go on sale for first time in California

By Denise Wong. CREATED Apr 8, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Tickets are finally going on sale today in the state of California for the popular Powerball lottery.

The first drawing will take place on Wednesday and many Southern Nevadans are expected to make the trip to try their luck.

The closest place to Las Vegas is a convenience store is in Primm and the lotto store has been preparing for this day for quite time. They are even giving out t-shirts to anyone buying a ticket today.

Improvements to the store include a new counter with four additional service stations and they have also added two self-serve kiosks and four more self-checker machines.

With California joining in, Powerball is now played in 43 states.

However, Nevada is not one of them. The gaming industry has defeated past efforts to change the state's constitution to allow for a lottery since it would be competition for our casinos.

If you have never played Powerball, it is a lot like Mega Millions.

What really sets the game apart from California's other draw games is that the jackpot starts at $40 million and goes up at least $10 million with every roll and that leads to some of the large jackpots that Powerball is known for.

And that is why so many people in California have been pushing to get in on the Powerball action.

Wednesday's jackpot is currently at $60 million.