Family devastated by coroner's ruling on woman found in dumpster


Family devastated by coroner's ruling on woman found in dumpster

By Spencer Lubitz. CREATED Apr 4, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The family of a woman found dead in a dumpster was shocked to learn the Clark County Coroner's office wasn’t able to determine a cause of death for the 28 year old.

For the last six weeks, Eric Newman has been waiting on the coroner's office to determine how his sister Josy Butler died, after she was found stuffed in a duffel bag and tossed in a back alley dumpster near Craig and Nellis boulevards in February.

Detectives initially declined to rule Butler's death as a homicide as they awaited results of the toxicology reports.

This week he was told Butler's cause of death is permanently undetermined.

“I just don't understand how somebody can just die for no apparent reason.” Newman said.  “It was hard for me to take… I was up 24 hours straight just crying.”

Newman said he ran through a long list of possible outcomes, but he never predicted that would get no results.

Newman says one thing is for certain; his sister didn't end up dead in the trash bin on her own.

“Someone definitely put her in there, and definitely got rid of her.”

Spencer Lubitz

Spencer Lubitz

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Spencer Lubitz is a general assignment reporter for Action News.