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Coyotes harass and attack community pets

Coyotes harass and attack community pets

By Marco Villarreal. CREATED Mar 27, 2013

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- Coyotes share the edge of town with several communities and we're getting reports of actual attacks on pets.

The bushy tail, the pointed ears, and the companions it runs with set this canine apart from others.

"I've seen them come through here looking for rabbits. I've seen them early in the morning. I've also seen them going out of our community later at night," says David Ruffino, the Terrazzo community homeowners association president.

Coyotes scavenging for food can be seen in a home video shot by the Terrazzo HOA president.

"My concern would be if somebody is walking their dog here, you know, they would be confronted by this, and I don't know if this coyote would go after their small dog or not," says Ruffino.

That concern became a reality for his neighbor just a few nights ago.

"That's when they got confronted by one of the coyotes. I believe the smaller coyote that comes through here, and that's when their dog, one of their two dogs took off and went after it," he says.

The sightings prompted him to share some safety tips in this month's newsletter. A great idea says a spokesman for the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

"Just as we have grown more and more in the urban sprawl we probably have more interaction with them than we've had in the past," says Doug Nielsen, with the Department of Wildlife.

Wildlife experts say animals, like coyotes, use washes and ravines when they come down from the mountains and into our communities.

As communities continue to expand this will be a nuisance that is not likely to go away.

"We got a beautiful view of Las Vegas from up here. You can see the strip from right here. You get the beautiful sunsets, but also we co-habitat with the animals and wildlife that live up here," says Ruffino.

Authorities say it's not necessary to call them every time you see a coyote, bobcat, or other wildlife. They will only come out if the animal is threatening or endangering people. Safety tips and suggestions on how to learn to live with our Mojave wildlife can be found here.