20 North Las Vegas homes scheduled for demolition

20 North Las Vegas homes scheduled for demolition

By Dyuce Woodson. CREATED Aug 21, 2014

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Interim City Manager Qiong Liu announced that $400,000 would be allocated to remove blight in selected North Las Vegas neighborhoods. 

Staff has identified a total of 20 homes which will be targeted for demolition. 

"The police department, the fire department and code enforcement have had countless calls for service on each of these properties," said Liu. "Due to the diligent efforts of Neighborhood and Leisure Services and Community Development and Compliance Staff, these communities will be enhanced because of these actions."

Initially, the project consisted of ten addresses. The North Las Vegas Fire Department has responded to at least one and as many as three fires per property. The police department has responded to 142 calls for service at these same properties. 

The initial 10 properties slated for demolition include:

  • 2520 Arrowhead
  • 1913 and 2017 Balzar
  • 2130 Crawford
  • 2113 Hassell
  • 3500 Lillis
  • 108, 808 and 2800 East Tonopah 
  • 1301 East Webb