Family of Jade Morris marks first birthday without her


Family of Jade Morris marks first birthday without her

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Mar 24, 2013

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It was a story that shocked our community -- 10-year-old Jade Morris found murdered, after she was missing for days.

This weekend marked a painful milestone for Jade's family. The little girl would have turned 11 on Saturday.

Jade's family gathered at a local park to remember her. They sang "Happy Birthday" and lit candles on her favorite pink-frosted cupcakes.

But, the heartbreaking reality is that Jade wasn't there to blow out those candles and she never will be.

"She was an amazing little girl, who would have been an amazing young woman," says Jade's grandfather, Phil Tucker. "Not a day goes by that I don't think of her. You don't just forget about somebody that you loved. Especially as a grandparent. I watched her grow up. I miss her so much."

Police say the little girl was stabbed to death by her father's girlfriend, Brenda Stokes, who's now in jail. Jade's body was found on the side of a North Las Vegas road, just days after Christmas.

"To me, it was premeditated," Tucker says. "Such a waste of a beautiful life."

"Jade's never going to be forgotten," says her grandmother, Brenda Morris. "She filled our lives with so much joy and happiness. I just want to know why she was taken from us. Brenda Stokes needs to suffer. I think the death sentence is too good for her."

Stokes is scheduled to be in court Monday, in order to be assigned a new attorney. Her jury trial is set to begin in mid-July.