Police conducting internal investigation of officer in YouTube video

Police conducting internal investigation of officer in YouTube video

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Mar 4, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is investigating one of its own after a YouTube video went viral. The video shows an officer's controversial interaction with a man on a motorcycle.

The motorcyclist, John Paul Rosario, had a video camera attached to his helmet, which recorded the heated exchange. So far, the video has gotten thousands of views on YouTube and is prompting LVMPD to conduct an internal review.

Rosario says he was rear-ended by a LVMPD squad car as they navigated through traffic near Harmon Avenue and Koval Lane. He believes the officer acted inappropriately, unfairly, and disrespectfully during the traffic stop that ensued.

Rosario says he keeps the camera on his helmet for insurance purposes, as proof to protect himself in case of accidents. He hopes what he caught on camera this time sparks change within the police department.

"I want this to shine a light on officers like this," Rosario says. "He had no business talking to me like that. He did not act like a professional."

Rosario was not ticketed during the traffic stop, but he has hired an attorney.

That attorney tells Action News that the YouTube video speaks for itself and shows the officer in question "lied, intimidated, and did not follow proper police protocol by filing a report on the incident."

LVMPD cannot comment until their internal investigation is complete.