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Dating website allows users to pay for a first date


Dating website allows users to pay for a first date

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Mar 1, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A new website based in Las Vegas says that you can buy love or at least a first date.

But, some people are questioning if the website crosses the line.

According to Brandon Wade, most women would never give a man a chance to go on a first date if she doesn't already find him attractive.

Dating in Las Vegas can often be more about quantity than quality and that is why Wade says women should get paid for it.

Wade is the founder of, a dating site that offers a different gimmick than its competitors.

The site breaks down its users into two categories -- attractive users or people who accept money for a first date and generous users or the people who are willing to pay for a first date.

Generous users log onto the website and look through the profiles of the attractive users and make a bid.

Some people might think paying for a first date is a sign of desperation but Wade says it is actually the opposite. The website helps those who are too busy to meet potential first dates.

The site is headquartered in Las Vegas and as more than 4,300 attractive members and more than 2,000 generous users in the Las Vegas valley.

Melanie, who asked us not to use her last name, says the concept is what drew her to the website.

She says that she has received as much as $400 for a first date and that it is all about the experience.

But, putting a dollar value on dates has some people questioning whether it is more of an escort site than a dating site.

Wade says that he makes it very clear on the website that absolutely no escorts are allowed.

Melanie says she is still looking for the one and taking it one date or one bid at a time.

Although the site does not charge attractive members to join, generous members do pay to unlock the communication with those they make offers on.

This is not the first dating website for Wade. He also has several other websites, each with a different hook.

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