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Pimps using social media to lure young women into prostitution

Pimps using social media to lure young women into prostitution

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Feb 28, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The pimping problem has been front and center for many people in the Las Vegas valley after the shooting last week on the Las Vegas Strip.

The suspect and one of the victims are both suspected to having ties to trafficking girls.

A growing problem not just here but across the country is men using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to find young girls that they can turn into prostitutes.

It usually starts with a friend request on Facebook or a follow on Twitter.

Before some girls know it, they are sucked into a world that they never imagined.

In just one mouse click, a girl called "Nina" became part of the growing number of victims recruited into sex trafficking via social networks.

She thought that she had found a boyfriend. Instead what she got was a nightmare.

Pimps are using Facebook and Twitter to find girls who are isolated, may have posted provocative pictures of themselves, or look like they have very few friends.

And sometimes, pimps pose as girls to lure the young women in.

Facebook and Twitter both say that they take human trafficking very seriously and work quickly to shut down accounts suspected of trying to lure young girls.



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