Man who slapped baby on plane facing charges

Man who slapped baby on plane facing charges

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Feb 18, 2013

(KTNV) -- A 19-month-old child traveling with his mom on a Delta Air Lines flight was recently slapped by the passenger in the next seat.

The incident happened on Feb. 8 on a flight that originated in Minneapolis and was headed to Atlanta.

Not only has that man lost his executive job with AGC Aerospace and Defense, but he is now also facing a federal assault charge.

Other passengers on the plane say they saw the whole thing go down.

The mom -- Jessica Bennett -- says that 60-year-old Joe Hundley had been drinking a lot and when baby Jonah got fussy, he allegedly told Jessica to "shut that (n word) baby up" and then slapped Jonah.

Bennett claims that Jonah suffered a scratch below his right eye.

Other passengers rushed to help and Jonah is OK. But, Hundley is not doing so well.

He is now looking at federal charges and a lot of people wondering what in the world he was thinking.


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