Police report: Steven Brooks attacked wife, officers

Police report: Steven Brooks attacked wife, officers

By Molly Waldron. CREATED Feb 11, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Assemblyman Steven Brooks was arrested just last month for allegedly threatening the life of another assembly member. Now, he's facing some troubling new charges.

According to a police report Brooks' wife said the assemblyman became violent towards her at her home over the weekend.

Officers said when they arrived, he tried punching one of them in the face. 

But Brooks' attorney said those aren't the facts of the case, and says it was police officers who tried to attack Brooks.

During their most recent encounter with Steven Brooks at his wife's home in a small gated community in the northeast Valley, police describe the assemblyman was a volatile man with quick-changing emotions.

According to the report, Brooks' wife told police he was grabbing her by the hair and shaking her back and forth, "yelling one minute then trying to kiss her the next" before pushing  her face against the kitchen counter.

When Metro officers arrived, they found Brooks in the driveway. They say he was combative and even tried punching an officer in the face.

"All of a sudden I hear the Metro officers telling him to calm down, stop resisting," said Lenny Montalbano, a neighbor. "His wife was screaming, 'hey you're just making it worse Steve, stop, you're making it worse.'"

While officers attempted to restrain him, Brooks reportedly mounted on top of one of the officers and said, "I've got your gun." 

"I heard one of the Metro officers scream, 'put it down, put it down.' And he yelled, 'I did, I did, put it down,' and there was a lot of wrestling going on," Montalbano said. 

The police report says when additional officers arrived, they found Brooks in handcuffs screaming expletives.

As police took Brooks away in handcuffs, he continued screaming threats.

Brooks' attorney said the facts are different than what the police report states. He claims Brooks tried to cooperate, but police attacked him.

Separate from the criminal charges, there is a select committee of assembly members who will decide whether Brooks is fit to continue serving in the state legislature.

That committee meeting will hold its first meeting on Monday night.