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Why don't some neighborhoods have sidewalks?

Why don't some neighborhoods have sidewalks?

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Feb 4, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Whether it's a new development or perhaps in your neighborhood, people around the Valley say they're putting their lives at risk because there aren't any sidewalks in some areas.

So while they're endlessly told to use crosswalks and obey traffic laws, they're wondering who is responsible for putting sidewalks in.

"That's dangerous, it's very dangerous," explained Willie Lowe.

Huge rocks line part of Decatur near Craig and with no sidewalks people are forced to walk in the street. 

"It's really hard you don't know if you're going to get blindsided from behind," said James Sadler. 

James tries to stay healthy by walking every day but he's concerned for his safety.

"You can't walk in the big rocks, it's really hard to walk in them," said James.

So James is left to walk in the street because there aren't any sidewalks on one side of Decatur.

"I stay to the side and as soon as I got to these rocks over here I jumped in to get out of the street," said Willie.

Speed is Willie Lowe's survival skill to making it to his destination.

"A lot of times people be going a lot faster than 45," said Willie.

On most of the stretch of Decatur from Craig to Lone Mountain, there aren't sidewalks on one side of the street -- the North Las Vegas side.

If you're coming from the neighborhood there aren't any crosswalks for you to cross to the side of the street where there are sidewalks on the city of Las Vegas side.

"So I usually play dodge car and run across the street to get to the next sidewalks," said James.

Thirteen miles away in a different part of the Valley, it's a similar story.

"There are no sidewalks to walk on and so you just feel really unsafe," said Gwendolyn Dunn.

Gwendolyn gets off the bus and waits several minutes to cross Rainbow at Patrick. There isn't a crosswalk there and on the other side of Rainbow she's met with a dirt lot.

There problem there is a little different than up on Decatur.

There are some sidewalks but then you hit an undeveloped patch of land up for sale and nothing. With cars on Rainbow going 45 miles per hour and more, it's a dangerous walk for people like Gwendolyn.

"Cars are coming around the corner and they're very close to me," said Gwendolyn.

We called the county. They say generally speaking sidewalks have to be built when a property is developed. So, until this land is sold and something is built, pedestrians will be left to make their way in the dirt. But what about that stretch of Decatur where there's plenty of development but no sidewalk?

"You're walking by yourself out here you don't know if you're going to get hit by a car or not it's really dangerous," said James.

Officials from the City of North Las Vegas didn't want to go on camera but say the homes in the Palomino Estates were built in the 1980s. The area is designated as a development that typically doesn't have sidewalks. They say for sidewalks to be put in those within the rural preservation area would have to come to a consensus on that.