Freezing temperatures expected in Las Vegas this weekend

Freezing temperatures expected in Las Vegas this weekend

By Makayla Zurn & Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jan 11, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It you haven't taken cold weather precautions yet this winter, tonight is the night to do it.

We could see some of the coldest temperatures of the last 12 months over the weekend.

A cold front began moving in Thursday. Daily highs this weekend are expected to be about 40 degrees. Lows in the Las Vegas area will range from 15 to 29 degrees over the weekend.

Beginning Monday, temperatures will rise once again and should reach the mid-50s by midweek.

The National Weather Service has issued a hard-freeze warning from 10 p.m. tonight to 8 a.m. Monday morning.

Besides putting an extra blanket on your bed, many people will also pull out the space heaters this weekend.

Here are some tips to keep safe when it gets cold out:

  • Keep anything that can burn -- clothing, furniture and paper -- at least three feet away from any heat sources.
  • Do not operate the heater at night when you are asleep.
  • Shut the heater off when you leave the room.

And, if you are using a fireplace, make sure the ashes are properly discarded when you are done.

Also, if your pipes should freeze, don't use an open flame or torch in an attempt to warm them up.

The water district suggests that residents wrap any exposed pipes and make sure to drain and disconnect garden hoses.

The sudden increase in temperature will make the ice expand and explode.

In addition, although this might sound unusual, firefighters say that they have found people using charcoal grills inside their homes to stay warm.

Although they do give off heat, they can also produce lethal amounts of carbon monoxide.