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Record number of pot plants found inside local marijuana grow house


Record number of pot plants found inside local marijuana grow house

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Jan 10, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A large truck backs up to a west valley home where the last of the marijuana growing materials are put inside. It's here police found a record number of pot plants, more than 1,400. 

"When you walk into the house every bedroom had been converted for the use of growing marijuana," Metro officer, Laura Meltzer, said. 
Photographs show an extensive grow house with plants, lights and serious electrical wiring that could start a fire. 
"These people are operating a criminal enterprise in a neighborhood with no regard for the safety of anyone around them," Meltzer said. 
This is the largest indoor marijuana grow operation discovered and dismantled by task force called the SCORE team, according to police. 
From the outside, neighbors on Trickling Stream Circle had no idea what was behind the doors. The house is 3500 sq. ft. and it blended into the neighborhood with Christmas lights strung above the garage so it looked like any other home. 
Neighbors said they smelled marijuana coming from the house. 
"Every once in a while we would smell something but nothing definitive," neighbor Jack Kalmanson said. He lives next door to the home and believes the two people police arrested in this operation were growing marijuana here for about a year. 
"They were rarely here," Kalmanson said. "They would show up for a few days and disappear for awhile."
Police said a concerned citizen tipped them off to the grow house, which had about $4.5 million worth of marijuana inside. Dark windows and the smell could have been a clue. 
Police also seized about $30,000 in cash.