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Non-stop alarm inside condo has neighbors up all night

Non-stop alarm inside condo has neighbors up all night

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Jan 8, 2013

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- An alarm in a neighboring condo has led to a week of sleepless nights for a Henderson couple.

The alarm started sounding on New Year's Eve and hasn't stopped, said neighbor Dennis Berkesch.

"It goes 24 hours a day," said Berkesch. "That beep, beep, beep noise."

Berkesch said no one has lived at the condo in several months and the noise is so loud, it's disrupting his life. He believes the beeping is coming from smoke detectors or a fire alarm.

"We hear this noise constantly," said Berkesch. "We have to turn the TV up louder in order to cover it up. We have to have the fan run in order to sleep at night because it comes through the wall."

First, Berkesch called the fire department for help. The Henderson Fire Department responded on Jan. 3. But without evidence of smoke or fire, crews did not enter the home, said fire chief Steven Goble.

Berkesch also tried calling the community management company, but a manager said her group does not keep keys for individual units.

Finally, the frustrated neighbor emailed Action News.

Action News did some checking and was able to track down the homeowner near Youngstown, Ohio.

In a telephone interview, Linda Bennett said she replaced the batteries in the smoke detectors in July when her family purchased the home. Bennett said the phone call from Action News was the first she heard of the problem.

"We are so sorry. We didn't know," said Bennett.

Later this week, Bennett said she will fly to Las Vegas to address the problem.

"I wouldn't want to hear something like that all the time," said Bennett.

How could a smoke detector go off for a whole week? Fire chief Goble said modern smoke detectors have a battery as a backup, but many are directly connected to a home's electrical system. Goble said the alarm can continue to go off as long as the power is on.