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Dirty Dining: Tie between Home Plate and Oh's Convenience Store Deli


Dirty Dining: Tie between Home Plate and Oh's Convenience Store Deli

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Dec 19, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Two places tie this week for the Dirtiest Dining: A sports bar and a convenience store deli.

Home Plate Grill and Bar and Oh's Convenience Store Deli went neck and neck, both earning 37-demerit "C" grades and narrowly avoiding closure by the Southern Nevada Health District.

At Oh's on Swenson near Harmon, inspectors found a number of things out of the safe temperature zone, including tamales, chicken wings and egg rolls.

"We always do pretty darn good here," said Mrs. Oh. "Really, really good here. But we have a new employee.  That's what comes up, the little bit of problem we got."

Mrs. Oh said they thought the temperature was fine where they keep the oatmeal, chili and fried rice, but inspectors say the fried rice wasn't hot enough.

"If our inspector say it's not, that means it's not OK.  Because we're not the boss.  They are the boss."

Inspectors also found built-up debris on the soda nozzles. One looks like a rusty old car part.

"Sometimes they, I don't know, sometimes the inspector, they get so over-inspecting," Oh said.

She says they wash and soak the soda nozzles to keep them sanitized.

Darcy: You think they're a little too thorough sometimes?  Do you think it's unfair?
Mrs. Oh: I think it's a little bit unfair, because this business, nowadays we have business not like it used to be.

Despite what they were written up for, Mrs. Oh thinks her little store is better than some big restaurants. 

"I have a lot of friends that own restaurants, you go back in their kitchen, you go check it.  There are just flies everywhere.  It's nasty.  I think in my kitchen, in my store, we do pretty darn good here."

Across town at Home Plate Grill & Bar on Blue Diamond near Decatur, their grill's 37-demerit "C" grade came from things like uncovered food in the fridge.  They also say chili verde was voluntarily discarded by the person in charge because inspectors found it wasn't at the proper temperature "after 12 hours in the cooling process in a five gallon plastic container."
When we stopped by, the owner wasn't there, so we left a card, and ended up with a written statement from the owner, which says:

We are a great family establishment and work closely with the Southern Nevada Health District to ensure the health and safety of our guests.

Equipment location & manner of disposal of a few daily drops of condensation water became a large matter in this recent inspection.  Upon notification from the health department of new expectations we immediately responded to their concerns and successfully corrected all violations and now have restored our A Grade.  This type of effort and company safety policies and programs also contributed to receiving an A Grade in the Buffet and an A Grade in Bar area, on a surprise visit December 17, 2012.

We have consistently maintained the highest standards for quality and service since opening in 2004.


Home Plate Grill & Bar

The yuck factor at Home Plate came in the form of a month-old carton of buttermilk, expired containers of half and half, and the grease-caked top of their kitchen salamander--which is a commercial broiler.

Inspectors also took exception to an employee cutting a tomato with bare hands, and they noted in their report that a dishwasher was "not sanitizing dishware," because there was "no detectable chlorine sanitizer."  That violation was corrected on site.

Both Home Plate and Oh's have now been re-inspected, and both are back to "A" grades with less than 10 demerits.

Darcy Spears

Darcy Spears

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Darcy Spears is currently the Chief Investigative Reporter for Action News.