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Las Vegas police shoot coyote near elementary school

Las Vegas police shoot coyote near elementary school

By Molly Waldron. CREATED Nov 27, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A coyote was shot and killed by police near an elementary school on the east side of Las Vegas Tuesday afternoon.

Residents near Tropicana and Spencer called police at about noon to report a coyote in their yard that had attacked some chickens. Police arrived at the home, cornered the coyote and awaited backup from Nevada Wildlife responders. As they were waiting, the coyote jumped a fence and took off running through the streets.

The coyote headed in the direction of Jack Dailey Elementary School on East Reno Avenue. Police ordered the school to be locked down, not wanting to take any chances.

As the coyote approached school grounds, an officer shot and killed it.

Parents and guardians were shocked to find a heavy police presence at the school as they arrived to pick up their students.

"For them to have a coyote here in the first place -- where did it come from?" said David Little, who was picking up his niece from school. "We don't live close to the mountains, so there has to be coyotes in someone's backyard. Maybe they escaped, just like the monkey thing. So we don't know what's going on." 

No one was injured in the ordeal, and police said children were never in real danger because they shot the coyote while the lockdown was in action.