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Las Vegas police promote pedestrian safety with Thanksgiving-themed enforcement

Las Vegas police promote pedestrian safety with Thanksgiving-themed enforcement

By Makayla Zurn. CREATED Nov 21, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Why did the turkey cross the road? To make drivers aware of pedestrians on busy Las Vegas streets.

A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer dressed up as a turkey and walked out into traffic at one of the most dangerous streets in the Valley. And it was all in the name of pedestrian safety.

Metro has identified East Charleston Streets as one of the most dangerous for pedestrians, especially the elderly, who don't drive and use crossings daily.

"There's a lot of people that cross this crosswalk," said pedestrian Gary Butler. "They'll get about half way and the traffic going in the other direction, they just don't see you. They just don't stop," he said.

This pre-Thanksgiving Metro enforcement wasn't to trap drivers. In fact, Metro was making themselves very visible, but were still given every excuse in the book.

"It's a little difficult to say I didn't see the gold turkey in the crosswalk and yet people have been saying that all morning, said Erin Breen, Director of the Safe Community Partnership Program. "We had one woman say, I  was looking for pedestrians I wasn't looking for turkeys."

About 90 to 100 drivers who didn't stop for the turkey crossing the road got tickets.

"We do this not to issue 80 to 100 tickets", said Breen. "We do this so 100,000 people see it on the news and understand that it could have been them, but more importantly you could have killed a pedestrian."