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Las Vegas police union responds to DOJ recommedations

Las Vegas police union responds to DOJ recommedations

By Molly Waldron. CREATED Nov 19, 2012

 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Last week, the U.S. Department of Justice released a report on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's use of force policy. In the report, the DOJ offered findings and recommendations to improve the department's handling of officers' use of force.  

On Monday, the union representing the LVMPD -- the Las Vegas Police Protective Association -- responded to that report. While most of it is positive, some officers take issue with certain assertions contained in it.


The police officers' union held a press conference Monday morning, stating that they agree with most of the report released. But, they went on to say they don't think LVMPD has an excessive use-of-force problem. They pointed to some years in the 90's that there were many officer-involved shootings. 

The president of the Police Protective Association said it is now up to Sheriff Gillespie to implement the recommendations. He also added a recommendation of his own -- stating that the LVMPD should add the rank of corporal to the department, which would rank between officer and sergeant. He said that would add more supervisors responding to scenes.

'The people really agreed with 90 to 95 percent of what is contained in the report," said Chris Collins, executive director of the Police Protective Association. "It appears that the issue really in the report is accountability, policy changes and training for our officers. We certainly support any training for our officers that will enable them to do their jobs better."

Collins went on to say he adamantly disagrees with the portion of the report that talks about the coroner's inquest process -- specifically, how the union was depicted as not cooperating with the process.