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Residents say dirt mounds are dangerous and unsightly

Residents say dirt mounds are dangerous and unsightly

By Jessica Janner. CREATED Nov 16, 2012

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- Imagine looking out your backyard to a pile of dirt every day. Some homeowners near the area of Cactus and Bermuda are faced with just that.

A viewer contacted Action News to investigate what's happening with the empty area behind her home. She says it's an eyesore and dangerous.

"All that dirt and dust flies into my pool it's constantly a mess," said Cynthia Luna. "They're not little mounds, and they are backed up right to our wall."

Another thing Luna is worried about is safety. She said she's seen a lot of teenagers in the area because the property is not closed off.

"The kids climb up those mounds and they're high enough to where they can see in our bedroom windows, so it's a privacy issue but it's also just a safety issue for the kids," comments Luna.

The lot is only a few blocks away from Liberty High School, attracting teenagers.

But, it also attracts small animals like chipmunks, which Luna says eat up her plants.

Other neighbors wonder what will happen to the property also.

"I'd just like to find out what's going on and maybe get the mounds down would be nice," comments Ed Drollinger, who lives on the same street. 

When Action News did some investigating, we found the 4-acre property is owned by Brighton Land Holdings, LLC. 

We emailed the manager, currently out of the country, who told us there are no current plans for the property. 

According to the City of Henderson, it's designated as commercial land use. 

"I would just like them to be at least flattened out," said Luna. 

Brighton Land Holdings says they inherited the problem when they purchased the land in 2010 and would love to have the dirt removed. They say they're willing to cooperate with nearby lot owners, city and county to get it done.

But while those mounds might be ugly, there's no code violation and the property owner says they've had no complaints.

Clark County has a dust control hotline, but says they've had no formal complaints associated with that particular lot.

As for anyone on the property, they are there at their own risk. It's considered trespassing to walk onto private property without consent.

Jessica Janner

Jessica Janner

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