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Still no agreement after governor meets with school district and union

Still no agreement after governor meets with school district and union

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Nov 1, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The battle of wills rages on between the Clark County School District and teachers union. But, it's local students that may end up being the casualty.

The chance to get a $40 million federal education grant still hangs in the balance.

"There is not a final agreement, but I think we've made a lot of progress," says Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval.

Sandoval came to Las Vegas Thursday night, on the eve of the education grant's application deadline, to help resolve the differences between the district and union.

"They all want the same thing," Sandoval says. "If it has to take until the deadline, so be it. The discussion we had was civil. Everyone involved wants to improve education, and have some investment in that process."

But the president of the teachers union, Ruben Murillo, has not signed off on the grant application. His signature is the only one still needed.

Murillo, and other members of the union, are angry that the district did not reach out for their input, while preparing the application.

"Teachers are the ones who know what's going on in the classrooms," Murillo says. "They know what's needed, and understand the best practices that go into teaching students. They should have had a lot of say in the application process. But once again, the district leaders shut us out."

District leaders say they tried to include the union, but only got resistance.

"This money is too important," says school district spokesperson Amanda Fulkerson. "If they refuse to sign the application, we're going to move forward without them. We will  ask the Secretary of Education to waive the requirement, so we can compete for this grant. But that probably won't look as good."

Only Gov. Sandoval spoke to the media after the private meeting. Both the teachers union and school district officials left through a back door, without being seen.

The Governor believes there's still a chance both sides will agree to sign the application by Friday's deadline.