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Tentative agreement on Sloan Flood Channel

Tentative agreement on Sloan Flood Channel

By Rikki Cheese. CREATED Nov 1, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The end could be near in the fight over the Sloan Flood Channel.

Neighbors have been plagued by foul odors and bugs feeding on algae since last spring. That is when North Las Vegas started flushing treated wastewater from its $300 million plant into the channel without the county's permission, after plans for an underground pipeline fell through.

Both sides filed lawsuits, but now, they've negotiated a deal that includes building a $15 million pipeline above the ground to carry the wastewater to Lake Mead. 

North Las Vegas will give the county $8 million to design and build the pipeline. Clark County will chip in another $7 million that North Las Vegas has to pay back.

County Commissioner Tom Collins say the deal is a win for both sides, and keeps them out of court.

Collins says, "This is an economic opportunity for both Clark County and for North Las Vegas. I think it shows a great sign of cooperation between the two."

The deal also requires North Las Vegas to pay all costs connected to use of the channel until the pipeline is built. Commissioner Collins says the project should take about a year and a half once ground is broken.

If County Commissioners approve the deal next week, it ends the the lawsuits that were set to be heard in May. North Las Vegas city officials say, they don't consider it a done deal until then.

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Rikki Cheese

Rikki Cheese

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