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Hurricane causing headache for travelers across the country

Hurricane causing headache for travelers across the country

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Oct 29, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The superstorm that is expected to hit tonight or tomorrow morning is causing a major problem for air travel across the country.

Thousands of flights have already been canceled.

United, Delta, American, Jetblue and U.S. Airways have all announced that they will not be flying on the east coast today.

The massive shutdown is causing major headaches for thousands of travelers who were either planning on going somewhere or now can't get home.

As of Monday morning, 7,400 flights have been canceled through Tuesday afternoon. But, many travelers will actually have to wait until Wednesday to fly.

Travelers should check their flight status early on the day they are scheduled to fly and again before actually heading to the airport.

Airlines are waiving penalty fees for changing reservations ahead of Hurricane Sandy although travelers will still need to travel on re-booked tickets by Nov. 4.

Most of the flights that are currently affected are in the mid-Atlantic region but flights as far south as Florida and as far west as Texas have also been affected.

The storm is not just affecting air travel. Amtrak also announced today that they are canceling nearly all rail service on the eastern seaboard today.


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