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Pharmacy access still blocked by construction

Pharmacy access still blocked by construction

By Spencer Lubitz. CREATED Oct 25, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Businesses near Boulder Highway and Sahara have been fighting to stay afloat after a construction project shut down much of the intersection.  But, when the construction stopped, and the streets never re-opened, those in the area turned to us for help.

When Action News first came to the intersection in February, we spoke with employees and customers of a Walgreen’s who were upset construction was blocking the store. 

At that time, the county told us the construction on the storm drains would be finished in June.  Flash forward to October, and much of the construction equipment remains, as the project is nowhere near complete.

“It's still just such an inconvenience to our patients to get here,” said Walgreen’s Pharmacy Manager Melanie Baldonado

Things took even longer than expected, after construction suddenly came to a halt.

“Everything came to a complete stand still; we got no information from anybody. There was no one still working on it,” Baldonado said.

According to the county, construction was put on hold in March after the project was abandoned by the company initially hired to do the job. 

Since then the area blocked by road closed signs has grown, as the path to Walgreens has gotten even more complicated.
“It's a problem, people are just kind of slamming their brakes on a lot,” said customer Melanie Balcom.
“Some of them have even mentioned almost getting in accidents because of the confusion on the back road you can get in on,” said Baldonado.
Loyal customers say it's worth a trip around the orange cones to get the customer service they're used to.
The county said construction on the $9 million project resumed last week, with a new contractor. 
They have set a new completion date of May 2013.