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Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan rally packed crowd in Henderson

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan rally packed crowd in Henderson

By Molly Waldron. CREATED Oct 23, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Fresh off the final presidential debate, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan appeared together and pushed for votes at a local victory rally.

"Over the next two weeks Paul Ryan and I are going to work non-stop, crossing the country getting people energized to get out and vote," Romney said.

Early voting in Nevada is in full swing and for the 6,000 or so people who attended the rally at the Henderson Pavilion the choice for president is clear.

"I wanted to be here today to get fired up for the last two weeks and show my support," voter Lindsey Vurns said. She is supporting Romney as a candidate who can create jobs, especially in Nevada.

"We don't have to settle for 23 million Americans without jobs, we don't have to settle for 11.8 percent unemployment in Nevada," Ryan said.

Romney said his goal is to get Nevada's unemployment under 6 percent and voters lined up early to hear his vision for the state.

"This is the spirit of America right here," supporter Angie Austin said. "Waiting in line to hear a man whose values we stand for."

Romney and Ryan are calling themselves the comeback team, now they have two weeks to prove to voters they can lead a nation.

"I love America, I believe in you, I believe brilliant days are ahead," Romney said as he concluded the rally.

Romney is headed to another victory rally in Reno Wednesday.