Las Vegas woman comatose after car crash in Utah

Las Vegas woman comatose after car crash in Utah

By Spencer Lubitz. CREATED Oct 22, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A young valley woman remains in a coma at University Medical Center after she was involved a car crash on her way home from college.

The mother of Anne Monique-Lippett says the weather conditions weren’t ideal for driving when her daughter and son collided with a truck and then a guardrail on their way home from St. George, Utah. 

Since the crash 10 days ago, Anne has been in a coma, with her mother waiting by her bedside.

“Just holding her hand, and just letting her know that I am there for her, rooting for her,” said her mother Annie Dubro.  “What she’s going through, I am going through it with her.”

Her mother said Annie was a very popular girl both at Spring Valley High School in Las Vegas, as well as Southern Utah University where she was studying.

Over the weekend, Annie's friends held a vigil for her outside UMC, gathering with candles and writing get well wishes for the 20-year-old.

Her mother said Annie must have felt their presence, because just a short time after the vigil, Annie moved her hand for the very first time since the crash.

“That was amazing and I know she felt that,” said Dubro.  “You can call it a miracle, you can call it a coincidence, but somehow, she had made her first move.”

Although Annie’s mother is encouraged by her daughter's brain activity, she knows her recovery could be a lengthy process. 

Right now, doctors say it could be weeks, months or even years, so the family is asking for your help, if you'd like to donate to Annie’s recovery fund.