Crews cleaning up after flooding across the Valley

Crews cleaning up after flooding across the Valley

By Marco Villarreal. CREATED Oct 12, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The storms started on Wednesday pelting the Valley with rain and even hail. Water pooled at some intersections, and left behind quite the mess for many people.

"So yeah this is what we deal with...every time it rains."

Connie Painter is still dealing with Thursday's heavy rainfall just outside her front door.

"It was real close. Another quarter of an inch it would've been coming into my door," she says.

This is just one of several cul-de-sac that flood when it rains in Las Vegas and that has neighbors concerned about the time when the rain won't stop.

"We have an 80-year-old woman that lives in the next house over and you cannot get inside her gates," says Painter. "We couldn't even open her gate. We had to climb over fence to get to her."

Across the Valley people cleaned their front yards. Even inside some homes where the water penetrated and ruined carpets.

In the northwest Clark County maintenance crews worked overtime to removed mud and debris from the roads. With all the damage even the Red Cross was kept busy.

"There's some condominiums that we're looking at right now. There's 9 or 10. Some of the owners are out of state. It's a tough job trying to track down all of those owners," says Lloyd Ziel with the Southern Nevada chapter of the American Red Cross.

"This is over my ankles. My ankles are down here," says Painter.

While the clean up continues some hope that also involves solutions to foreseeable problems.

"I'm hoping if they see this, somebody will come out and take care of it," she says.

County crews say they will be working into the weekend to clean up the roads.