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Female duo charged with robbing victims near UNLV

Female duo charged with robbing victims near UNLV

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Oct 11, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Police say the streets of a neighborhood near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas are safer after they caught two young women targeting older women in the area.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department increased patrols in the neighborhood near Maryland Parkway and Tropicana after the area was singled out as one of the city's hot spots for crime.

25-year-old Latoya Bourne and 24-year-old Tawanieke Sibley are both in jail.

Police say the two women left their young children home with a babysitter while they committed a robbery.

"They knew they shouldn't leave their children alone, but then they lost all sense of responsibility when they chose to go out and commit a crime," said Sergeant Troyce Krumme with Metro.

Sgt. Krumme believes Bourne and Sibley were looking for an easy target close to home. He said the women made their move in broad daylight one afternoon.

A call came in to patrol officers that a Hispanic woman in her mid-fifties was attacked near Reno and Tamarus.

"She was crossing the street," Sgt. Krumme said. "She felt that she was being followed. She stated that she actually had an inclination that she was about to be victimized."

Sgt. Krumme said one of the women grabbed the victim from behind, while the other broke the clasp of her gold chain necklace.

Police found that necklace when they arrested Bourne and Sibley at an apartment complex near Maryland Parkway.

Investigators say the two women also stole the victim's wallet before they took off running.

"They stated that they needed the money, which of course is no excuse for victimizing other people," Sgt. Krumme said.

Police say Bourne and Sibley are responsible for another similar robbery just a few hours earlier. They're investigating whether the duo is to blame for any other crimes.